Danish Amjad

Android Developer,
Open Source Contributor, and a
Technical Writer

About Me

Hi, I am Danish Amjad

  • Android Developer
  • Open Source Contributor
  • Technical Writer
  • Guitarist

I am a mobile developer (especially Android) with hands-on professional experience of about 5 years, Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer (Android).

In my free time,I mostly spend time on reading (Medium articles),explore new things related to technology & writing about the technical things which I've learned. I'm also a Editor of one of the top medium Publication called codechai - which has over 13K followers with over 264,000 + read time per month.

I also contribute to open source community and work on new Android things projects or libraries. Currently created a Library for Play button like the Zedge application. These all are available on my Github profile.

I'm a musician also by hobby. In my free time, I usually play guitar. Follow me here

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